The Demon Slayer Manifesto (A Battle Fought Through Art)

The battle with doubt and dogma

Doubt is a monstrous demon and dogma its trap. At every turn, it will try to convince me that my creativity is not enough; I must kowtow to authority, but I rest assured that the way of the parasitic merchants will never triumph over the means of ingenuity.
Creation and resolute determinations are the diamond armor and flaming sword that have never know defeat.


The best way to avoid a trap is first to realize there is a trap. I understand the demon of doubt will spread his wing and will recruit sad, sorry individuals who feel it's their mission to take food out of my mouth but I understand they are but ignorant fools who are handing me gold. Attention is energy the currency of the universe; The temporary charge is meaningless. They are but fodder for greatness I will feed on them.

Creation is unstoppable Bury them in it.

Nothing can stop the legacy of creation. History has proven people have become legends through the sheer act of showing up and doing the same thing every day for 20 years. No force can stop the power of creation and documentation. I will be constant as the northern star.

My Tribe Will Find Me.

Attraction rather than promotion. I will not pander. One by one my kindred will find me, or the legacy of my work. The people will find my work changing them and in turn changing the world.

My Sacrifice On The Altar Of Art.

If I should pass before my life's work is recognized, do not cry for me. Know that the failure only shames the establishment. Scream it from the mountain tops that the so-called lovers of art stood against creation for the almighty dollar. My life may be martyred for my art but know that life was spent creating my monument, my pharaoh's tomb and slaying the final demon.

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