Surprised my new about page did not draw more attention

I recently created a new about page for Mark Humes Gallery.

I thought to myself being an artist I should make it artistic in nature.
I also wanted to make it real and raw as so many about pages are bland information that relates little real information about the people they speak about.
Here is the post on twitter and the result.

As you can see zero response!

I wonder if it was too real?  Did they not bother to click it?

As a disabled veteran, I do take it seriously as it seems in public people are rah, rah with their support of veterans but I have yet to receive any real support from these people. In artistic circles, it has caused me to be shunned as there seems to be total bigotry toward veterans within the art establishment.

Maybe writing this article will draw more attention to the page, My plight and how pillars of the art community choose to treat us. As for me, I will always be a warrior and I will continue along totally independently as long as I have to I just feel it is necessary to call people out on the carpet some times to make peoples actions match their words. So in wrapping this up please take a look at my about page and after reading it if you are moved to support me reach out as an artist is only successful as their amount of visibility to the world.

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