Self Identity versus outside influences

A philosophical topic

Who do we serve and who do we owe?
Do we owe allegiance to our fellow humans for merely being one of the same species or is forced altruism an encroachment on freedom and just another veiled form of oppression?
Some people can answer these questions quickly, and others will find it impossible nevertheless they are prime examples of self-identity versus outside influence.
You might think as an artist these are questions I would not have to wrestle with but if you take into consideration selling my work is how I make my living you will quickly see how it all applies.

Many artists deal with peer pressure in the art world. They believe they have to take on the philosophy and political idealism of people they think are influential in the industry to sell and feel their work must reflect this type of subject matter. The question is if they do this is the work produced still art or just well-selling propaganda? As you can see this become a crucial subject to an artist that can affect all of their work.

What is genuine?

I learned at a young age; the point of art was to invoke an emotional response. I learned later in life you can not transmit something you don't have with that in mind consider the following questions. If an artist is creating a work with a subject matter, they care nothing about out of social, political and financial pressure to sell how much emotion do you think that work can convey?
Is the likely outcome the buyers will project their own emotions on the work and hail it a masterpiece?
Does the fact that sold make it worthwhile at all?
I will leave you to come up with your answers as this is realm I do not enter into because to me it is an outside influence I always work form a place of self-identity.
The only way I know to convey human emotion is through empathy.
There is no way I can capture an emotion, immortalize it in a work of art, so it transmits a feeling for all time if I can't be myself. So this for me causes an ongoing battle to fight outside influences.

My struggle 

Every day in this modern world we are continually being recruited for social causes most saying if your not with us, you're against us, If you're not on our bandwagon you are our enemy if you stay neutral you are an oppressor. I counter this by personifying my self and how I see my world. I expressed this sentiment fully in my latest work I Conquer. I did this not only through the imagery in the piece but with the following quote that accompanies it.

I Conquer, viewed through perceptions of power and hate. Hailed as a hero and cursed as a villain. Will history ever understand my deeds or will my legacy be remembered as that of a tyrant? In the end, both love and hate create my immortality.

To simplify

 To conjure one's power concerns of outside opinions must wither as the act of creation can not take place while carrying the weight of the world. The shades of judgment that comes over history both good and evil are attention that becomes colorless energy that feeds that immortality.

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