Artwork based on visions

I have been asked the questions, what is the inspiration for my art.
What is my creative process?
This is not an easy question to answer, but I will attempt to explain it to the best of my ability.

It all starts with clearing my mind and deep thought. Some have called it a trance other have called it meditation.

I have my eyes closed, and all I see is black, but at least for me, my mind can not hold a state of emptiness for long. Shapes and colors began to form and grow.

I watch all this happen, making a note of every detail, In some cases I just let this process take its course in other instances I force my will into the creation to editing it.

The critical point of note in all of this is I have created and seen a completed image in my mind before I even start work.
My artwork, for the most part, is an expression of my subconscious mind.

Everything  I have seen and felt in my life real and imagined is the raw material for my art. The lost universes in my mind reveal themselves to me.

At the end of the process,  what I end up doing is creating from memory what I just saw which is a conglomerate of the total of my human experience as assembled by the subconscious mind.

To tie this all up in a neat little package that is easy to remember.
My artwork is based on visions.

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