So much to be thankful for

As Thanksgiving is soon upon us, I can't help but look back on how things were and how they are now. It was not too many years ago I was homeless and in the veterans hospital wondering what my fate might be. I know it sounds like it was a dark chapter of my life but in truth, it was a new beginning.

I was in that place I found my gift for art. At that time I never knew how far it would take me. I had no idea I would go on to create 13 art books, That I would teach myself HTML code and build a gallery website or that I would buy a home in Florida. If anyone had told me I would do any of these things back, then I would have thought they were crazy yet they all happened because at the crucial moment of decision when I thought all was lost I choose to live and ask for help.

Every day brings with it a new opportunity. We never know where a situation will lead us. All I know is it took all of the loss, pain, and darkness I walked through to bring me to the place I am in now; I am thankful for all of it, and as long as I have breath I will continue on my path with art to turn pain into beauty.

Happy Thanksgiving
Mark Humes

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