Knowledge and Ignorance

There is an ancient debate that is still underway amongst humanity, Is it better to live in a state of overconfidence that your knowledge of the world an situation is infallible or is better to admit you are ignorant to most of the universes knowledge? As an artist, I must believe ignorance is the path for if all is known there would be nothing left to create. -Mark Humes, The Book Of Lost Verses: Book 9
"Knowledge and Ignorance." is digital abstract art created by Mark Humes using a color palette of Black, white, grey, yellow, red and orange depicting an abstract likeness of Socrates surrounded and overlayed with cryptic arcane and clockwork images that reveal hideous creatures that represent the evils of both lust for power and willingness to remain ignorant.

Is it better to know everything or to know nothing?
This question was at the forefront of my mind as I began to create.

I looked to my knowledge and to philosophers to approach an answer. 
Would life be golden if I held all wisdom or would it be a stagnant hell? 

Is the goal to achieve omnipotence or is it the adventure of learning and creating when you are weak and know nothing? 

I know my existence is limited but to my reckoning, if all knowledge is attainable, there would be nothing left to create.

So, I pay homage to Socrates in that I know nothing and I give all my love to the mysteries of the universe. 

May we never know everything but my we never prosecute in ignorants and conjecture.

This work of art will be a feature in my book, The Book Of Lost Verses: Book 9 and is currently available as a print at Mark Humes Gallery.

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