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Online art super stores the newest american sweatshops [ Editorial Commentary]

For anyone who has ever endeavored in making artwork you know it is a process that takes a lot of creativity, time and supplies.

So what is an artist to do once they have created a thing of value worth more than the sum of its parts?

It used to be an artist could set up a stand in the streets and sell their wears but as time passed cities and laws made this impractical, and with the invention of the color camera artist found themselves hard pressed to find patrons who would hire them on to be their personal artist.

That leads us to the era of art galleries where a few smart businesspeople saw the value in art and opened up a building to house that art for a share of the sale.

Since these were usually small local groups, most people involved worked together to make sales 4 to 5 artist meant competition was low and everyone did their fair share of the work.

As time passed, art galleries became greedy.

Now fat with money from selling someone else's work.

They marketed hard and , cre…

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